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About RentNY.com

RentNY.com Is the New York City marketplace For 100% No Broker Fee Apartments - Guaranteed. RentNY has provided New York City apartment renters with and easy and focused apartment search solution for twenty years. Fast, extremely easy, completely affordable and full of choices, RentNY provides renters with the resources they need to quickly and cost-effectively rent their next NYC apartment rental.

Renters Love Us

More than 100,000 renters a year visit RDNY to search our New York no broker fee apartments. Our up-to-date listings provide renters with everything they need to locate a great apartment quickly, easily and cost effectively. To keep our members fully informed, we send out over 20,000 opt-in email alerts per day to RentNY members and registered users informing them of the newest apartment arrivals on the market, rent reductions, landlord incentives and open houses.

We're More Than Just Listings

Our RentNY Customer Support provides customized attention to each member, providing answers to questions on everything from NYC apartment rental hunting strategies, to neighborhood information, to landlord negotiation tips. Renters with difficult situations, such as bad credit, pets, no rental history, students or those coming from out of town, find RDNY’s Advisors key to their rental success.

Something for Every Renter

With direct connections to so many landlords and managing agents, we have New York City apartments for every renter. Whether it's a rent-stabilized studio in the East Village or a two bedroom in an East Side luxury apartment building, a large floor-through in Park Slope or a house in Forest Hills, we have it. RentNY lists apartments ranging from $1100 to $15,000 throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. We also have the largest inventory of NYC rent-stabilized apartments available online.

Landlords Love Us Too

Over 3,000 landlords list their available apartments on RentNY. In fact,RentNY has improved the process of finding quality tenants so much that many landlords now use our service almost exclusively - saying good-bye to the antiquated commission-paid broker system. Approved landlords can easily post and update their apartment listings at no charge by speaking with one of our listings professionals or via our exclusive online landlord services portal, or even by posting and RSS or XML feed that we can link to. Landlords now receive immediate exposure to thousands of serious prospective tenants looking for apartments in all neighborhoods of New York City and the surrounding area.

About The Founders

Laurence Rosenberg, President, Founding Partner

Laurence Rosenberg is a real estate professional with over forty years of experience in the New York Metro area real estate market. His professional experience spans various functions within the industry including residential and rental brokerage, sales management and the co-ownership of a real estate brokerage agency in Greenwich Village - Swift & Watson Realty, Inc.

Mr. Rosenberg started as a sales agent for the New York based firms of Rodman Realty, Kanelba & Robilotti and Time Equities Inc. While at Time Equities Inc., Mr. Rosenberg served as the Regional Sales Manager of Residential Sales and Leasing, where he successfully spearheaded the sales campaign of several large scale co-op conversions in the metro area. Mr. Rosenberg was also co-owner of Swift & Watson Realty, a boutique real estate firm dedicated to servicing the specific needs of the Greenwich Village community. While under his direction, Swift & Watson was the first rental agency to be admitted into the exclusive Downtown Brokers Association.

Having worked within multiple roles in the real estate industry, Mr. Rosenberg was a pioneer in seeing the success of uniting the apartment rental industry in NYC with the then new growth of the nternet. Thus, RentNY (initially known as Rent - Direct.com) was established in 1995. Together with partner Ralph Barocas, Mr. Rosenberg has developed RentNY to become the number-one source of guaranteed no broker fee apartment rentals in New York City.

Ralph Barocas, Vice-President, Founding Partner

Ralph Barocas is a real estate and visual design specialist with over 35 years of experience in blending technology and real estate services. Mr. Barocas was the pioneer and driving force responsible for the creation of BrokerNet, the real estate industry’s first computer-based multiple-listing service. He worked successfully as a rental broker, sales and listings manager with various high-profile New York metro area real estate firms. Mr. Barocas also founded Brochures Plus, a one-stop graphic design service, combining photography, desktop publishing, and in-house color printing catering to the real estate industry.

In 1995 Mr. Barocas brought the blueprint of Rent - Direct.com now known as RentNY (Rent New York) to Laurence Rosenberg, whom he knew through his work for Time Equities, Inc. While working as a traditional broker in the rental industry, Mr. Barocas felt there was a better, more efficient way for a person to rent an apartment without having to pay a broker's fee. He thought to combine verified updated apartment rental information, building and apartment photos, maps, and neighborhood information all under one environment, then sell a subscription to that information along with support, to people who were looking to rent a new apartment. Renters would rent the apartment directly from the landlord without having to pay the broker fee.

Company Milestones


Successful local real estate professionals, Ralph Barocas and Larry Rosenberg, founded Rent - Direct.com and Apartments Illustrated, Inc., parent company to RentNY, as a means to fill a void in the real estate market of New York no broker fee apartments. They decide to capitalize on emerging technologies to provide renters up to the minute information on vacancies by using pagers and fax machines.


Founders recognize the potential of providing information over the internet and Rent - Direct.com is launched and becomes the number one marketplace for no broker fee apartment rentals in the New York City metro area.


Company partners with RentNet.com to expand its database of no-broker-fee apartments even wider.


Develops strategic alliances with the world’s largest real estate website, Homestore.com and with newyork.citysearch.com.


Company is nominated by industry peer, The Cartis Corporation, for prestigious Crain’s Small Business Award.


Company launches Rent-DirectLandlords.com, pioneering the use of an online solution for landlords to list vacancies directly into the search engine database bringing information to its customers at an even faster pace.


Partners with real estate giant Apartments.com to power its NYC apartment search engine. Moves corporate headquarters to an even larger location and builds a free apartment search internet café to assist subscribers in their apartment searches.


Launches all new technology and design of website to make apartment search even easier with maps, neighborhood information and expanded listings.


Brand makeover with introduction of a new web site, logo, and colors.


RDNY recruits and trains a full sales and customer support staff from across the U.S. to work virtually.


Major technology upgrades to the company's proprietary database allow for faster search speeds and the opportunity to implement major new technologies. RentNY is always looking to remain in the forefront of the New York apartment rental industry.


Launches Acmelistings.com. Acme is an affordable rental listings service for NYC rental agents . . . without the co-broke, and without a contract! Acme services Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.


Company launches Acme Websites in partnership with MapthatPad. Individual real estate rental agents can now affordably have their own web presence with their own full-featured website. Acmelistings.com provides the web portal and the data feed. Agents are online with a fully serviceable lead generating website in less then ONE hour.


Acmelistings.com's membership exceeds 850 active rental agents in NYC.


Acmelistings.com launches AcmeAds. Brokers and agents can advertise their exclusives for co-broke to Acmelistings.com's extensive membership.


RentNY.com launches it's new website, incorporating the competition. Now RentNY.com also contains the listings base from NoFeeRentDirect.com.